PhoreMost® is searching for a Project Scientist to join our team!
Who we are:
We are a new-model Biotech Start-up located in Cambridge, UK that seeks to open up new ‘druggable’ target space using a cutting-edge approach called Protein Interference®, which has the ability to identify hidden, or cryptic, drug sites in disease-relevant proteins, and then target those sites with first-in-class small molecule therapeutics.
To help us achieve this goal, we are seeking a resourceful Staff Scientist who wants to contribute to and shape the future of translational medicine together with us.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Under supervision of the R&D management team, plan, execute and analyse experiments, and interpret data to configure screening assays and to validate hits from high-throughput Protein Interference screens to uncover and target previously ‘undruggable’ disease targets.
  • Collaborate with and communicate to other scientists across disciplines, both internal as well as external (academic collaborators, industry partners and clients).
  • Keep track of and meet project deadlines and clear documentation of experimental work.
  • Team oriented, great communicator, bright and highly motivated.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills. Lateral thinker.
  • Positive “can-do” attitude, eager to learn and grow with the company.
  • Able to work independently, in an organised fashion and according to standard operating principles and health and safety guidelines.
  • Hands-on experience in common molecular biology and wet-lab techniques (Western blot, microscopy, fluorescence measurement, viability assays, transfections, PCR, Cloning, handling of human cell lines), and the willingness to pick up new skills along the way.
  • Experience in lentiviral work, reporter assays, drug discovery and target discovery are a plus.
  • A solid understanding of molecular biology and high-throughput cell-based screening is desirable.
Please Email your CV and a cover letter addressing the requirements for this position (above) to or call +44(0)1223 804163 for more info.