Notice to Recruiters

PhoreMost does not accept unsolicited CVs or candidate details/profiles from temporary staffing agencies, placement services, or professional recruiters (collectively, “Agencies”). We only accept unsolicited CVs directly from candidates.

PhoreMost’s internal Talent Acquisition team members are the only PhoreMost personnel authorized to work with Agencies. Our hiring managers and other colleagues are not authorized to engage Agencies or sign service agreements. Nor are they authorized to request or accept CVs or candidate profiles from Agencies, and they will not respond to unsolicited Agency contact.

Should PhoreMost require any recruitment support from Agencies, our Talent Acquisition team will approach an Agency directly, sign an Agreement with that Agency, and then instruct it for a specific role.

Unsolicited candidate submissions sent by an Agency to any PhoreMost email address, our mail address, or directly to any PhoreMost employee, will be considered PhoreMost’s property. PhoreMost will consider any candidate submitted in these circumstances as a free referral by the Agency and will not be liable for any fee/commission in the event we employ the candidate.

Where a candidate brought to us by an Agency is already known to PhoreMost, PhoreMost will not be liable for any fee/commission should we employ that individual, unless PhoreMost has a pre-existing agreement in place for that candidate.

PhoreMost only works with Agencies who conduct themselves in accordance with the high standards that we expect. We will not view favorably any Agency that:

  • Submits unsolicited CVs or candidate details/profiles without advance approval from PhoreMost’s Talent Acquisition team.
  • Attempts to circumvent our Talent Acquisition team by contacting PhoreMost by other routes.
  • Advertises PhoreMost’s jobs without our specific instruction (and only then with a properly executed Agreement in place).
  • Does not respect our non-solicitation policies.

Submission of any unsolicited CVs or candidate details/profiles to us by an Agency will be deemed acceptance by such Agency of these terms.