Senior Scientist - Medicinal Chemistry

6th May 2021

PhoreMost® is searching for a medicinal chemist to join our team!

Summary: Senior Scientist – Medicinal Chemistry
PhoreMost® are looking for talented and innovative scientists to join our functional genomic screening team and support our revolutionary discovery campaigns. We have developed a next-generation, high-throughput screening platform called SITESEEKER® to identify the best new targets for future therapy and the mechanisms to drug them. Our technology is positioned to massively expand the diversity of novel therapeutics for several key diseases of unmet clinical need – we are drugging the undruggable.

Who we are:
We are a biotech located in Cambridge, UK that seeks to open up new ‘druggable’ target space using a cutting-edge approach called PROTEINi® (protein interference). This technology has the ability to identify hidden, or cryptic, drug sites in disease-relevant proteins, and then target those sites with first-in-class small molecule or biologic therapeutics.

Roles and responsibilities:
• Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, you will be responsible for managing the medicinal chemistry of drug discovery programmes from Hit ID through lead optimization and candidate delivery
• Required to independently analyze biological data to enable the design and optimization of small molecule inhibitors of drug-drug interactions
• Project management of CRO interactions for outsourced chemistry and biological assays
• Present results to management and the broader drug discovery team members

• Minimum undergraduate degree, preferably PhD, in chemistry or related discipline with at least three years subsequent drug discovery experience
• Extensive knowledge of contemporary drug design principles and chemical hit finding techniques
• Good understanding of ADME/PK data and optimization of these parameters
• Expert knowledge of modern synthetic organic chemistry
• Good team player, enthusiastic, exceptionally driven and actively seeking to learn and develop
• Demonstrated capability for successfully and independently balancing the requirements of multiple projects at any given time
• Attention to detail, structured thinking, consistent and reliable, excellent communication
• Committed to the pursuit of new therapies for critical unmet clinical need

Desired additional skills (but not required):
• Experience with molecular modelling software
• Experience of working with external collaborators is desirable
• Previous line management experience would be an added advantage

Time: This is a permanent full-time, non-laboratory-based position.

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