Drugging the Undruggable® for the benefit of humankind

Through its SITESEEKER® drug target identification platform, PhoreMost is expanding druggable space. In partnership, we are discovering and developing the next generation of therapies.

The next generation of therapies

PhoreMost’s SITESEEKER® platform enables the inception of first-in-class drug discovery programmes. Using this unique approach, PhoreMost is developing an internal asset pipeline in oncology and other diseases of ageing.

Additionally, PhoreMost is engaged in SITESEEKER collaborations with Pharma and Biotech across multiple therapeutic areas.

Oncology & Immuno-oncology

PhoreMost’s internal oncology assets focus on key oncogenic drivers with multiple previously undruggable targets currently being progressed including multiple K-RAS synthetic lethal targets.

In partnership with Sentinel Oncology, PhoreMost is also progressing allosteric PLK1 inhibitors, currently in development for the treatment of Glioma.

Predominantly focused on the generation of neoantigens, PhoreMost’s Immuno-oncology programmes are pursuing multiple routes to enhance the body’s response to cancer by making tumours more visible to the immune system.

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Targeted Protein Degradation

In applying the SITESEEKER® platform to Targeted Protein Degradation, we have identified a portfolio of novel, functional E3 Ligase binders. Based on these observations, PhoreMost are developing a suite of small molecule assets that will unlock new E3 Ligase based therapeutic strategies.

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Neurodegenerative disorders and diseases of ageing

Ageing related diseases are a core focus of PhoreMost. The SITESEEKER® platform is currently active in screening for senescence, autophagy, plaque formation and targeted protein degradation.

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PhoreMost is actively engaged with several commercial SITESEEKER® collaborations with Pharma and Biotechnology companies. If you would like to learn more about partnership opportunities, contact us.

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Pioneering technology

PhoreMost’s unique drug target identification platform, SITESEEKER® leverages the inherent biological shape diversity of proteins to drive the discovery of new druggable sites on previously unanticipated protein targets. The translation of this biological shape information into chemical shape space information is able to rapidly yield first-in-class drug discovery programs.

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At PhoreMost, we are committed to discovering and progressing the next generation of therapies. We realise that we can’t do this alone, and so are committed to forging a new model of drug discovery, working in partnership across both academia and industry to realise this vision.

We have been impressed by the ability of PhoreMost’s SITESEEKER® platform to systematically identify first-in-class drug targets in areas of high unmet need, and are excited to be applying our highly complementary capabilities to develop these potentially high value programs
Sunil Shah, CEO of O2h Discovery

Who we are

PhoreMost is driven by a team of scientists and biotechnology professionals and is led by an experienced management team, all passionate about the Company’s mission to ‘Drug the Undruggable’.

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