SITESEEKER® has the potential to identify novel drug targets across a range of disease areas.

At PhoreMost we believe in the power of partnership to progress our portfolio of drug targets through development. In order to achieve this, PhoreMost has built a world-leading network of collaborators across Academic, Biotech and Pharma communities.

We have been impressed by the ability of PhoreMost’s SITESEEKER® platform to systematically identify first-in-class drug targets in areas of high unmet need, and are excited to be applying our highly complementary capabilities to develop these potentially high value programs
Sunil Shah, CEO of O2h Discovery

We are supported by current investors including; Jonathan Milner, Amadeus Capital Partners, Cambridge Enterprise, o2h Ventures, Parkwalk Advisors, Morningside Ventures, Astellas Ventures, Trend Investment Group, BGF and XtalPi.

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